Got Milk?
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The bodice of this dress is made from a recycled sheepskin car seat cover inside out. The skirt is made from a recycled pink bathrobe. There are dozens of CLOVER STORNETTA NONFAT MILK™ lids that I saved after each gallon I drank. Each lid has been drilled with two holes and stitched on like a button. The backpack for this tart little dress is an "OVER THE SHOULDER QUIK™ CHOCOLATE MILK HOLDER" encased in plastic with rubber nipples adorning the bottom. I made the pink "NEVERLAST" gloves for this dress to counter box the Everlast™ gloves of the red dress. I acquired the "GOT MILK™" pins when I was on T.V. with the girl scouts; who of course, were delivering cookies, bless their little yummy hearts!!!!!!
© 2006 charlotte kruk
photo: trisha leeper
model: summer gerbing

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